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The evolution of digital marketing is one thing that is both a boom and matter of concern for businesses worldwide. New platforms and strategies to promote any product or service are getting a makeover and new innovation in this regard can be tough to implement. It is also a headache for creative people working in a digital marketing agency who have to offer such a plan of action to their customers so that their business can flourish. In the past, say 15-20 years ago, there were strategies that worked fine year after year. But after the advent of Internet and social media marketing taking on other mediums of advertising, now the marketing strategy of a company needs to be changed completely so that to take into account latest market dynamics and marketing plans of your competitors. While there are many aspects that I can discuss with you in this blog, let me offer you 5 of the most critical ones so that as a company owner or marketing manager you can sure that your product will get the lion’s share of the market. 1. Too Much Focus on Low Value Metrics Website traffic is necessary for a company but too much...
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