Lamberto Azzi

too bad man 🙁 food for the crabs then! This tip was sharp enough / not bented in any ways?

The tip was like a needle and a brand new spear… i just missed the spine. 🙁

I saw that all her left side of the head was almost ripped off by the spear barbs and by the loss of blood i guess she should have died very fast… i feel sorry for the fish.

I always check all my videos to spot the errors and i can’t see the in any frame if the spear was completely through but my feeling of the moment was that it was not gone through because she was too close to the rocks… this is why i decided to shorten again all my spears while the new “Super-Tip” is ready B) (Is a secret project that will be posted here when ready :woohoo: ).

Anyway i always look for the fish after is wounded and normally i can find it hiding nearby but yesterday, between the low viz, the depth and the strong current i just lost it…. I will let live the next trout i find as repayment for this one… :dry: