Lamberto Azzi

Hi Jan,

Everything has been well explained here so i just confirm that the spot is Helsingør harbor.

The best place is from half pier to the tip and especially where you can see a metal thing on the rocks: there is the deepest and if you swim out 20-30m there is a rocky shoal with a nice slope where i have seen the largest cod of my life… it was BIG.

The current can be strong and visibility poor, especially with current that came from the south.

Never got any issues with the anglers that in general are friendly: I just take my float with the left hand and wait patiently close to the rocks under them that they have recover the lure, swim 20m forward and start fishing again. Anyway is very rare that someone go after half pier…

The Kronborg beach can be a real bitch sometime with very strong current 2-2,5 knots… that is when the fish is there. I have taken pighvar, torsk and trouts there. The current stream out from about half the beach and then make a counter-current where you can rest and swim back before take another round but be very careful it is NOT a walk in the park if you get caught in the main stream.

The right side toward the ferry harbor is the best side and is also where the current is strongest: as usual is important to be aware of the risks of fishing in a zone of high traffic and strong currents. Do not be shy of change place if you see that there are too many boats or current.

I never got any problem with the guards: i go through the red door that is often open and walk behind the bastions until the ramp that goes to the beach: just be discreet… if you don’t give reason to the guards to kick you out they will let you in peace. I guess their problem is more with the night-parties with beer and loud music that some youngster can arrange there…

The small beach between Kronborg and the harbor is always providing one or two nice trouts in the night… lots of patience, slow swimming and open eyes.

Now is hornfisk time: is a dive that MUST be done at night because is really fantastic! Do not catch them please… they are too beautiful. Enjoy a swim between thousands of hornfisk and then bring home the trouts on the beach along the rocks on the left or the torsks on the western pier!