David H

It’s gonna be pretty:-)

As for laminating the wood, it’s not only for strength but also to even out any tendency a piece of wood would have to bend. You would eg. cut one piece into two – turn one around – and glue them together. This will cancel any tendency one piece would have to bend as the other piece would exert an even force in the opposite direction.

Lamberto, did you use kitchen film wrap (Vita Wrap) on top of the CF sock after laying it up? Some people do that in marine and modelling applications. You can add a bit of pressure onto the cloth that way and if the film doesn’t wrinkle too much, you can even get close to a nice finish. Obviously, you would need to insert something in the track to push down on the CF there.
(Just thinking out loud for the sake of others, I know you have done these things before 😉 )

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