David H

I got you on the sock, makes sense that by just stretching it, you don’t need to apply external pressure to the layup.

You are of course also right in that the film trick is used by a lot of DIYers who don’t wanna go into vac-bagging but… it is also used when you roll CF tubes over a mandrel commercially. Actually, they use a heat shrinking material but the idea is the same. And it does indeed squeeze out some resin – though of course it is harder to control exactly how much as opposed to vac-bagging prepreg and/or using a breather layer.

Now, your PC tube sounds like a great idea. Maybe even wet the cloth on the tube, freeze it and then you’ll have your own pre-preg, haha;-). But that would be “better” and likely to mess up.
A slower harder would be better and prolly not mess up for people who are not too used to working within a 30 min or so gel time.

It’s a cool project Lamberto – you should run a weekend workshop for people on the Island – you and a small group could build a gun each over a weekend!;-)

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