MG 3238

Pathos Laser Pro Open

Pathos has always focused on the quality of its products and their simplicity.
This model has been first made in 2012 and since then has been thoroughly tested.

 MG 3238

Laser Open Pro 110 cm with sharkfin spear and inverted barb

These spearguns are equipped with ergonomic handle, designed in detail, which is derived from the studies on guns handles for precision shooting.

They are spearguns intended for the most demanding spearos: the trigger and release mechanism are reversed in fact made ​​entirely of polished stainless steel, which makes the release very smooth.


The ergonomic handle of the Laser Open Pro

Thanks to this trigger mechanism and the open head, the laser can be rigged with shorter spears than a traditional speargun, making possible to have a total rubbers elongation as a speargun 10-14 centimeter longer but remaining a handy and nose-light speargun, very short yet very powerful.

The line release is, as in all Pathos, vertically retractable. The muzzle has a small recess that keep the reversed barb closed in position so to avoid the use of o-ring.

This speargun is fitted as standard with a spear 6.75 mm with tricuspid tip and reversed barb. The spear is in Sandvik steel. The rubbera are two circular 16mm and rigged with Dyneema wishbone, configuration that makes the speargun burning fast and powerful.


The head of the Pro version, with double rubber

The barrel is made ​​of aluminum (inner diameter of 26 mm and external 28.5 mm) with integrated shaft rail.
On the barrel is applied ​​a special treatment that hardens the surface and makes it rough to the touch, like a shark skin, to lessen the turbulence and facilitate pan. The integrated shaft guide makes it rather impossible to warping of the barrel even for the long sizes.

Available sizes are 50-140

The price of the Laser Open Pro 75 is 1,267.50 kr in , excluding the reel that can be purchased separately by choosing between four different models available from Pathos, including 2 horizontal and 2 vertical.

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